About Us

Bali Bay Trading Company is a direct importer of beautiful handmade beaded jewelry and fashion accessories from Indonesia. We supply boutiques, retail shops, entrepreneurs and organizations nationally with our jewelry thru trade shows and our wholesale website. Our showroom is located in Tampa, Florida and is open to the public for retail purchasing. Above and beyond the selection is our pricing: it is surprisingly affordable for the quality and handcrafted nature of our jewelry and accessories.

If you are in Tampa, come by and shop our showroom: Tues-Fri 10am to 5pm, and Sat 10am to 4pm.

Meet The Staff

Zac Sperry & Carol Pavesi

Zac, a world traveler and founder of Bali Bay Trading Company is one of the largest importers of handcrafted beaded jewelry and fashion accessories from the beautiful islands of Indonesia. He started his company in 1991. He spends up to eight months a year in Bali personally hand picking everything we offer. Carol Pavesi, Zacís life partner, joined BBTC in 2002 as a store manager, and now runs the company while Zac is overseas. The collaboration of the twoís best strengths, Zacís entrepreneurial spirit, and Carolís keen sense of style, keeps the assortment of merchandise fresh, and has allowed for the successful growth of the business.

Kay Burruano

Kay is BBTC's Retail manager and has been here since 1998! She has seen BBTC transform itself many times over. Most recently from Teak Furniture and Home decor to the Beautiful Handmade Accessories we now offer. Kay's warm welcome, and friendly manner keeps our customers coming back time and time again. She goes out of her way to help coordinate and match your selections. Also she puts together the many displays we have around the showroom, and she creates the friendly emails you receive from us.

Miss Ketut

Miss Ketut is our employee located in Bali. She has been working with Zac since 2005 buying all the beautiful pieces we have. Ketut helps him sort thru all the accessories that are offered in Indonesia, and picks out the very best ones for us. She maintains the orders and books and prepares the merchandise for shipping.

Kerry King

Kerry is our Warehouse Manager and has been with BBTC since 2005. He is the guy responsible for setting up and breaking down our shows. Among his other responsibilities are maintaining our buildings and helping out in anyway he can. He always has a friendly smile for our customers.

Deidre Gray

Deidre is our Account Coordinator, and you will most likely see her at our showroom pulling wholesale orders. She also works most of our trade shows but her real strength is her Fashion Sensibility. Prior to working at BBTC, Deidre worked as a model and fashion accessories manager at a high end department store. She has a knack for coordinating accessories and clothing into wonderful ensembles. She truly believes that you can look like a million bucks without spending a fortune. Deidre has been with BBTC since 2010

Teresa Shedlarski

Teresa is our most recent employee. She is responsible for organizing our vast inventory. Often times you will find Teresa pushing a cart filled with merchandise that needs to be priced and put away. Even with all that work, she never hesitates to stop what she is doing to help a customer find what they are looking for.

Mr. Wayan & Mr. Ketut

Our employees in Bali have been with us since 1998. They are responsible for packing & shipping merchandise. They also have additional responsibilities such as taking the Big Boss "Pooper" out for his daily walks.

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